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There’s lots to to do in Middle Georgia!

macon river kayaking

Macon is the home of Southern Rock and Roll. Seriously, it’s where Otis Redding was born and The Allman Brothers Band lived here while recording with Capricorn Studios.  The folks at Rock Candy Tours know all about it and lead you on a fine tour of Macon’s musical history.

Macon has been inhabited for 17,000 years. That’s right, 17,000 years.  Visit the Ocmulgee National Monument (soon to be a national park!) and find out more.

Bring your bike and tour the wonderful, rolling back roads.  Plan your trip so that you sleep at The Blue Goosebike hostel in Irwinton. 

To buy a bike, or to get great bike service, the guys at Bike Tech in Macon can’t be beat.  

Want to buy a canoe or kayak? Adam at Oconee Outfitters in Milledgeville,GA is the guy to see. He’ll also get you set to go camping or biking, too.

Macon has a good number of mountain bike trails and the Ocmulgee Mountain Bike Association is an active group with weekly group rides.  The LHThomson factory makes the best seat posts and stems in the world, as well as handle bars and bikes, and they have a trail behind the factory. Up the road in Indian Springs is Dauset Nature Centerand the mountain bike trails there are superb.

There’s a lot to see and do in Macon and the Visitor’s Center is the place to go to find out about all the attractions, especially the Cherry Blossom Festival.  Macon has outstanding architecture downtown and fantastic restaurants there, too. The music scene didn’t end when Capricorn Studios ended. There’s lots of live music happening every week in many venues. The 11th Hour and The Creek FM will keep you up-to-date on what’s going on and spin great tunes to keep you humming along.

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